Tuesday, August 15, 2017

慈悲,並不是做爛好人、做鄉愿,而是做對人有益有 利的事,幫助他人一起提昇心靈的品質和情操。 Compassion does not mean allowing others to walk all over you or be a deferentially phony. Rather, a compassionate person engages in benefitting others and elevating the spiritual environment of humanity. - Master Sheng Yen

Monday, August 14, 2017

慈悲要有智慧同行,缺少智慧的慈悲,很可能自害害 人,雖然存好心,卻做了錯事、害了人。 Compassion must be accompanied by wisdom. The kind of compassion that lacks wisdom may very easily end up harming yourself and others. Even with good intentions, such "compassion" is still prone to mistakes and harming others. - Master Sheng Yen