Sunday, July 31, 2016

There are four conditions for a good life: born at the right place, blessed at old age, maintaining a healthy mind in sickness, and death at the right time. This would truly be a life of bliss. 人生在世,當備四得:生得其所,老得其福,病得健康,死 得其時,萬千幸福在其中矣。 - Master Sheng Yen

Saturday, July 30, 2016

One who is paranoid is prone to be deceived, one who is understanding is bound to find a helping hand. For richer or poorer, don't hesitate to give, for giving is the key to benefiting oneself, others, and all setient beings. 多心防人易遭鬼,知己知彼逢貴人,富貴貧賤皆布施,自利 利人利眾生。 - Master Sheng Yen